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We picked the following body’s for testimonials because of the story behind it. Suncoast had a customer that wanted a C-5 Vette and AFC did not have one, so Suncoast had the customer locate one and purchase it. When it arrived it had the usual fiberglass surprises. Repairs hidden under primer, panels didn't fit, big dimension differences from one side to another and so on and so on.  


After completing the chassis & studying the body it was decided that it would be better to fix the problems with the body (straighten it) before going any further. Remember that repairs add weight. After straightening the body, then a plug was made, which is the first step in the mold process. So after hundreds of hours were invested in this project, a mold was finally made and  AFC could produce a quality light weight body with a shiny finish -a shiny finish is an AFC trademark (most fiberglass bodies and components made by other manufacturers have a flat finish because it is easier for them to hide any repairs under primer.)  AFC maintains their molds by rotating them out of service, then stripping  and resurfacing them which ensures you the customer a finish second to none in the industry.


So this body holds a place in our history and this is why we used the testimonials for it, as this reflects the quality of all AFC bodies and components.

AFC/Suncoast will work with youAbove are examples of one-off pieces.

Kevin & Mariann Bondy’s 2k-3 Mustang stadium truck with flip body

& opening doors and 138” WB & 44’ tires

48 CHEVY Crew Cab for B/G Fuel Systems

Torsten Kath of Germany, sent us pictures of the wildly awesome paint job on his Suncoast Race Cars 2K Vette that he said was applied with very little body prep.


Stefan Giese of Germany, sent us pictures of his sleek looking  Suncoast Race Cars 2K Vette. With comments about how nice the body was to work with.

Mic Lane’s awesome looking 2K Vette with one of our bodies with a Race 1 Design paint scheme. The first body Race One purchased

Stacy of Race 1 Paint Design said “The first body looked so nice we thought it was a display body, then we got the second one and it looked as good as the first.  We painted the second body black, put it out in the sun for a couple of days so any problems with the body would show up, but none ever did.  I’ve never seen bodies this nice before!!”

Mike Hartis’ 2K Quick 8 / Pro Mod Vette – Mike say’s “There’s not 2 cups of filler in the whole body.”


Dan Morrow’s Quick 8 2K Vette before and after paint. It won Best Appearing & Best Engineered first time out!! Painted by Stacy of Race 1 Design


Initial modifications being performed on a 2K-3

Mustang Body for Bondy

Hard to believe this started out to be a standard 2K-3 Mustang “Pro Stock” style body.

Les Turelli’s  “Caveman” ‘63 Vette Funny Car

PT Cruiser Jet Car Body

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