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“Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk”

As you read through the following pages of descriptions and testimonials you will see that at Suncoast service and customer satisfaction is what our business is based on. Whether it is your first call to have information on a car or catalog sent to you or you have questions on a Suncoast car you just purchased (or are thinking about purchasing) you will find a staff dedicated to making sure you get what you want or you need. If we have a recommendation for  the components you need or the way you may want to do something, we will help you as much as we can, (based on our many years of experience).

Suncoast’s knowledgeable sales staff is made up of racers who have also been fabricators in our race car shop and unlike many companies, where as they grow, the customer becomes more distant from management, with Suncoast Richard Earle still tries to take as many sales calls as possible.

In this day of online ordering we at Suncoast would still like you to call and talk to us about your project because many times during conversations with the customer Suncoast’s staff will pick up on something that the customer needs to know or give a recommendation on an item or suggest another way of doing something which will make it easier to install or operate better.

So even though Suncoast will probably institute some type of online ordering form by the end of the year, we still would like you to call. We at Suncoast want to be involved in your project.

When World Champions Pat Musi and Marc Danttoni had problems getting their cars down the track (both cars where built by other builders) they called Richard (Pat’s car was so loose he crashed it and Marc’s car had 22 runs on it, every run shaking the tires) After inspection, a couple of modifications and set up Pat went 6.57 at 205 (to start winning), and Marc won the World Street Finals. How’s that for service? 

The fact that almost everyone in the company from Richard Earle on down continues to race greatly benefits you, the racer because of new ideas, hands on input, updated designs, etc. It doesn’t matter if you have a question as simple as the proper way to use a line lock (many racers don’t know the correct way) or how to scale your car and set up its four link. Suncoast’s staff is there for you (The use of wheel scales is something that has only been recently discovered by many racers and car builders where as Suncoast has used scales for over 30 years). Suncoast has also developed, what has to be the easiest to understand 4 link labeling system ever (allowing easy tuning over the phone).

Suncoast Chassis Kits have been described by many publications (such as National Dragster) to be one of the easiest to assemble. The reason for this is that Suncoast spends considerable time designing the kits and supplies a numbered material list, the drawings and written text and instructions reference these numbers, as well as the knowledgeable sales staff  being as close to the phone for any questions the builder may have.

Suncoast also designed their line of chassis kits to be available in various stages of completion's (see levels 1,2,&3) to make it easier on the home builder (building his/her 1st kit) or the chassis shop who doesn’t want to jig up for a one time chassis design.

So as you can see Suncoast's goal is to provide you the racer/builder with service 
before, during, and after The sale by an experienced dedicated staff who is as close as your telephone.

So hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what our statement “Talking the talk, Walking the walk”, means to us.
Service After The Sale Is Our Commitment To You


17,000 sq. ft with in house paint & body, twice daily  UPS, & experienced personnel to serve you !!! 

Advanced Fibre-glas Concepts maintains its own 6000 sq. ft. facility right around the corner from Suncoast